What is this purpose filled life thing??

January 27, 2010

Ok, a bit more on this philosophy.

There are SO many bad things in this world, vying for my energy, money, time, love and attention.  Basically, living purposefully means that I CHOOSE which things to give myself to.

For me, I choose God, i choose my family and I choose my relationships with others to be a priority.

It also involves actively NOT choosing certain things, boycotting if you will, because there are things in this life that I WILL NOT give any part of myself to encouraging.  Sure, it may take time and energy and emotional investment to avoid these things, or actively trying to limit thier influence in the world, but that is an active and purposeful choice, not something I will be sucked into.

Some examples that weigh heavily on my mind at the moment.

1.  Chocolate.  I am pretty sure that many people do not realise that by enjoying thier favourite treat they are actively, unknowingly, participating in child slavery.  Cocoa and child slavery go hand in hand.  I therefore will only buy chocolate made with fair-trade or organic cocoa.  This is a sad thing for me, i can no longer buy Lindt chocolate.  Maybe if a few more people lived purposefully in this area, this shameful state of affairs would end.

2. The fashion industry.  Now, I realise there are about a gazillion blogs that go into this at some depth, but here is my summary.  The fashion industry, through thier magazines, catwalk shows, and clothing ranges do some pretty bad stuff.  They make women, and increasingly men, feel that they are not good enough, that the standard of beauty held up by this industry is the one we should strive for,  without admitting that these images are photoshopped, that many of the models are unhealthy, unable to reproduce, or just one of the very small percentage of human beings that can genetically fit this standard.  SO, i will not buy any fashion/womens mags, I will not shop at any store that sells sexist or innapropriate clothing – Roger David, Supre and Cotton on Kids so far.

3.  Children are precious, and it is part of the parents job to protect them, and thier innocence for as long as reasonably possible.  However, it does take a village to raise a child, and our village is doing a pretty crap job at the moment.  THis means i will actively campaign against anything that vaguely resembles child porn, including so called art.  There is NO art  in the ENTIRE WORLD that is more important than that child.  It also includes main stream porn that uses older women dressed up as children.  i mean seriously people, how is this acceptable???  It also means that my kids only watch G movies, or PG that i have viewed and given the ok too.

I was at the movies last week with my husband, watching avatar.  Now, this is a movie that has some issues, but it does have a plot that is very confronting, the inhumanity of man and all that, and some pretty confronting scenes emotionally as well as physically.  Sitting next to my husband were two boys, aged maybe 8 or 9.  I watched them almost as much as I watched the movie and what i saw disturbed me.  I did not see a SINGLE emotional reaction from these kids.  Not one.  They were completely desensitised to what was going on.  If I had brought my kids, same basic ages, into that movie, they wouldn’t have lasted 30mins before running out a blubbering mess. 

My kids would ask me, why was that man trying to kill those blue people, at the very least.  A pretty reasonable question if you ask me!  It’s rated M for a REASON people!

right, ever get the feeling you’re rambling just a bit???  It’s just that i’ve been up for the last few nights trying to work this stuff out, trying to work out how human beings think it’s ok to put others down, how we can think that rape and porn and violence against women and children are ok.  I just don’t get it!


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